Oklahoma City, OK
Primary Street: Agnew
Secondary Street: SW 13th


Percentage Leased: 100%

Property Type: Retail

Year Built: 1921

Property Class: B / C

Number of Floors: 2

Leasable Spaces: 1

1st Floor Square Footage: 6,640

2nd Floor Square Footage: N/A

Leasable Square Footage: 6,840

Total Square Footage: 6,840

On-site Parking Spaces: Street

Number of Hot Water Tanks: 1

Hot Water Tank Age(s): 2009

Number of AC Condensers: 3

AC Condenser Age(s): N/A

Number of Furnaces: 2

Furnace Ages: N/A

Furnace Type: CH&A

HVAC Tonnage: N/A

Roof Age: N/A

Roof Condition: N/A

Roof Type: Angle / Metal

Floor Type: Slab

Sprinkled: No

Elevator: No

Number of Elevators: 0

Floor Drains: No

Lot Size: .1963

Zoning: Commercial

Load Dock: No

Energy Provider: OG&E

Gas Provider: ONG

Water & Sewage: City of OKC